My new favorite Pho go to. Good services and good food. Usually dine in at MAKI MAKI but heard this place is by the same owner and decided to check it out. Sure it may seem like $1-3 more on most dishes but look at the location and the set up in there. Amazing! Made me feel like dining in a more open/like luxury restaurant. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone I know & more.

Priya K.


I went on a Saturday night with some friends and I thought it was a unique atmosphere. The staff are young and there's a DJ mixing the hottest music on a Friday and Saturday night. Seems a bit odd for a Japanese / Vietnamese restaurant, but maybe that's what makes them unique. Once the drinks is flowing and food is coming, you're in a great mood and feeling like you're in a party without having to party.

Cheryl Cottrell-Smith


Volcano is in a great location for those living south of Whyte Avenue–easily accessible by Calgary Trail and Gateway Boulevard, the restaurant offers both Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine in a well-decorated, spacious building. The combination of Asian flavour offerings is unusual but not unheard-of in our city, where one can get Korean short ribs at many Japanese restaurants, or enjoy a Pad Thai served up alongside a Curry Laksa.


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Stumbled upon this place after going to the gym at LA fitness and what could i say a healthy place to eat after the gym. Now its my familys go to place for pho on sunday mornings. Its actually pretty cool i usually hang out for sushi on saturday nights as they have live djs playing music they have great prices on their highball specials. So we end up drinking lots but the next morning we come back for pho to cure the hang over. Definately one of the only places to drinks lots at and return the next morning to a hangover cure.





I just enjoyed a dinner here on chinese new year and liked the decor they had. Even though they are not a chinese restaurant the atmosphere was great. Food was great as always and the sushi was fresh as can be we prefer the salmon sashimimi which is always our favorite. Definately has gotten better through the time with great specials. Hands down the best sushi in edmonton.

Food Bae


I always noticed Volcano when driving out of Gateway Blvd. So I decided to try it with a friend.


Attentive, friendly servers and warm service. Kimono girls make the experience more fun and appealing. The place is clean and more elegant compared to its sister restaurant Maki Maki (for those who didn't know). Expect the same menu of Japanese + Vietnamese cuisine with a "Tapas" menu featuring an array of unique appetizers/small food.


I ordered the Bun Bo Hue. It was flavorful and spicy. Came in a huge portion.





Excellent Food and Service!. I was very impressed from the minute I walked in the first time. So bright and clean with choice of booth, table or private room. The sashimi is so fresh and firm. The selection of sushi rolls is extensive and very tasty. The deep fried wontons and tempura are hot and crispy. The bar has a great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from. I've been back several times with family and friends and they are always impressed with the quick attentive service. Excellent restaurant with friendly atmosphere and servers even wear kimonos.

Jennifer Ndiaye


Delicious, fast and great service. Sushi was way better than anywhere I've eaten.

Rick P.


Again, another fantastic evening at Volcano! I had the Bo Kho and it was so awesome. Service is excellent as usual.


Two thumbs way up.

Lillian T.


Same owners as Maki Maki! Same rolls as Maki Maki but with some tapas, Vietnamese food & ramen!


We have been here 3 times now and there is definitely a variety of food here that you can get.


Lately, I have been craving ramen! There are 3 types of ramen you can get here. They have a decent broth; creamy bone broth for the shio ramen. Noodles are decent too. I would order their ramen again!


It is also great that they have a variety of other foods in case your dining partners want sushi, sashimi, a bowl of pho or tempura.

Le N.


Great sushi and best place to enjoy drinks and snacks late night especially with their live dj our group always goes here every second weekend to enjoy sushi music and lots of sake.

Donna M.


We were actually looking for a different Japanese restaurant when we found Volcano. I was unsure...There's been some nasty reviews for this place.


We had a near perfect experience, from the rich, flavorful tea to the clean and but quirky washrooms, which have a pretty laser radio thingy in the mirror and stalls the size of airplane bathrooms.


We split a bento box, had a couple salads and sashimi, and all were delicious. The sashimi was sooooo fresh. It was well chilled and like silk on my tongue, exactly how I like it.


Service was fantastic! Paige was friendly and efficient. Our tea and water stayed filled. It was just one of those dining experiences where everything went right. We'll be back.



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