Sushi Chef


Job Description

Basically Sushi Chef must have knowledge of Japanese cuisine. He will be responsible for making sushi and other menus in compliance with recipes and other standards at Volcano Restaurant. He will need to know how to make varieties of rice used in sushi, how to make Japanese sauces, how to pick fresh and superior ingredients and how to put together in a menu and present his dishes in a tempting way.

Responsibilities and duties of a sushi chef include:


  •     Knowing the proper methods of cutting fish, meat and vegetables
  •     Purchase food and supplies if needed
  •     Regularly check the quality of raw and cooked products
  •     Maintenance and sharpening of knives and other kitchen utensils
  •     Keeping sushi station up to sanitation and safety standards
  •     Seek to push the limits in creativity creating signature dishes
  •     Keeping up with the latest trends
  •     Perform monthly inventories
  •     Plot and price items to meet profit margins



Food Server


Job Description

A server’s primary duty is to provide good customer service, take orders, and deliver food. He should be knowledgeable regarding the menu for he is the front-liner and is expected to answer questions about the menu. He helps personalized the meal and the service by being more attentive and formal in dealing with the customers.

Responsibilities and duties of a food server include:


  •     Processing payment
  •     Greeting customers
  •     Cleaning tables and dining area




Kitchen Helper


Job Description

Restaurant kitchen helpers typically work in the kitchens of restaurants, to assist in ensuring a high level of health and safety, cleanliness and food hygiene and to guarantee the safe working practices are followed. He will have some plainly defined and repetitive tasks in the kitchen and the work area.

Responsibilities and duties of a Kitchen Helper include:


  •     Does any combination of following duties to maintain kitchen work areas and restaurant equipment and utensils in clean and organized condition: Sweeps and mops floors.
  •     Washes worktables, walls, refrigerators, and meat blocks.
  •     Segregates and removes trash and garbage and places it in designated containers.
  •     Cleans garbage cans.
  •     Sorts bottles, and breakable disposable ones.
  •     Transfers supplies and equipment between storage and work areas.
  •     Sets up banquet tables.
  •     Washes and peels vegetables, meat etc.





Job Description

We are looking for a fervent bartender to provide a superb guest drinking experience. The successful candidate will be able to mix and match ingredients in order to create classic and innovative drinks in accordance with customers’ needs and expectations.

Responsibilities and duties of a Bartender include:


  •     Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages
  •     Mingle with customers, take orders and serve drinks
  •     Assess customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations
  •     Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails
  •     Plan and present bar menu
  •     Check customers’ qualifications and confirm it meets legal drinking age
  •     Monitor and Replenish bar inventory and supplies
  •     Comply with all food and beverage regulations

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